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What is Pelvic Health? 

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About PPG: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your new patient procedure?

To Book an appointment direct telephone 01481724184 request to book an appointment with Sophie Tyrrell for Pelvic Physio. 

On attending the appointment if you are not currently a patient of Queens road medical practice you will be requested to complete an inter practice form before your appointment. This form can be printed off here and completed before the appointment if you wish.

What types of health insurance do you accept?

All major Health insurances  are accepted but please check with your insurer before you make a claim to ensure, you're 


Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No you don't need a Drs referral to attend and  have treatment, however if you have medical insurance please check if you need a Drs referral to make a claim.

What will the assessment involve?

This will depend on the symptoms that your are experiencing. After I have listened to your story of what is bothering you an individualised assessment will be carried out. This may include external assessment of your spine, hips, and abdominal/gluteal muscles or internal assessment of your pelvic floor muscles and coccyx. 

It may include a combination of internal and external assessment. If you do not want to have parts of the assessment performed alternatives options are offered. The patient's wishes are at the centre of assessment and treatment.

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